Return Policy

How to return your product?

Return and exchange

*7 days return policy (except special products)

We will strive to provide customers with the best after-sales service, so that everyone can buy with peace of mind and worry-free. If the following return conditions are met, customers can apply for a return or exchange of goods within 7 calendar days from receipt of the package. Except for a few special commodities. For details, please refer to the following policy. 

The first step is to contact customer service by email:

Please send a return request to the customer service email:

WeChat and phone calls cannot be used as the basis for return and exchange applications. All emails shall prevail.

(Please include the following)

  • order number:
  • product name:
  • Quantity:
  • Contact person and contact information:
  • Detailed reason for return:

Except for the following "no return or exchange" situation, the customer service will follow up for you within 1-3 working days;

There are two types of returns:

1: The received product has quality problems such as damage, wrong delivery, missing delivery, etc. that cannot be used normally, please take a picture and save it as soon as possible. After confirming the problem on behalf of the customer service, according to the actual situation:

  • Customers can request a refund and replacement or refund;
  • In the case of insufficient supply and unable to reissue, the customer service will process a full refund for the customer;
  • For express return, the customer service can provide a Shipping Label to the customer, but the customer needs to package the product and return it to the nearby Canada Post address;

2: If the goods are returned due to personal reasons, the return freight must be borne by the customer. See the "Personal Reasons" section for details.

The second step, product return:

Customers can choose to return the goods through the courier company (Canada Post) according to their own situation.
The refund will be issued by the online shop within 3 working days after the receipt of the goods is confirmed and inspected.
When returning the goods, please return the original packaging, goods, accessories, manuals, etc., if there are gifts, they must also be returned. If anything is missing, the company may not be able to refund it in full, and will deal with it as appropriate.
If the product is not returned within 7 working days after the return application is approved by the customer service, the return application will be cancelled and no longer considered.

The third step is to complete the refund:

After the customer service receives the returned product and checks that it is correct, the customer will be notified by email to refund or reissue: 

The company will check and verify the unopened or unused returned merchandise declared by the customer, and will process a refund or reissue in a timely manner after confirming that it is intact or unused. If there is a quality problem due to the use process, the company will also confirm and refund or replace, even if the product has been used. (See the quality issues below)

If you apply for a refund for personal reasons, and the product is unpacked or used, a 15% or higher product depreciation and repacking fee will be charged according to the situation.

If points, coupons, etc. are used for order payment, the points and coupons will be refunded first, and the rest of the refund will take several working days to be returned and displayed on the bank card/credit card account of the payment.

Quality Issues:

  • The company accepts all return requests caused by product quality problems during the warranty period, and bears all return shipping costs. Quality problems include non-working, deformation, and inability to complete its own functions in the product itself. (Please refer to the product page for the appliance warranty period. If the page is not marked, please contact customer service.)
  • In the course of logistics and express delivery, if the goods are damaged by the courier company, such as the packaging box is damaged or deformed, please take a photo and keep a record and send it to the customer service for return.
  • "No return or exchange" situation:
  • Disassemble electronic products for repairs, changes, or product problems caused by misuse, collision, negligence, improper installation or use, or tearing up or altering labels, machine serial numbers, and anti-counterfeiting marks. 
  • Products that have been clearly indicated as Refurbished at the time of sale.
  • The product is a personal item or cannot be reused.

  • Goods damaged due to personal use, improper storage, etc., will not be returned or exchanged.

  • The product pictures and information on the website are for reference only. Please refer to the actual product. It is not a quality problem. If it is not delivered, such as incorrect color or size, it will not be returned or exchanged.

Our company insists on choosing regular purchase channels, and all products are purchased by confident manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that they are genuine products. If the customer is worried about whether the purchased product is genuine, we can issue the relevant purchase certificate. Customers can also contact the manufacturer or authoritative unit for verification.

Application for return and exchange for personal reasons:

If the return is due to personal reasons, the freight must be borne by the customer, including but not limited to:

  • The product size, color, etc. are not suitable;
  • Personal skin allergies, etc., which are not suitable for the use of goods;
  • Due to external factors, the logistics time is longer than expected;
  • The parcel was transferred to the logistics company's pick-up point because it was not received, but it was left in the logistics company for too long and no one picked it up;
  • Order purchase due to personal error;
  • Due to personal preference, it is found that the product does not meet the demand after purchase, etc.

Affordable must enjoy:

Customers get the most affordable price is our company's unremitting pursuit. We will provide all members with guaranteed benefits.

If the customer is in the 7 days after submitting the order, the price of the purchased product is reduced or discounted in the mall, and other preferential activities, the customer can contact the customer service to apply for the benefit guarantee.

The company will refund the amount of discount that customers can enjoy by way of refund of the difference or return of coupons. details as follows:

• Within 7 days from the date of order submission, if there is a price change (preferential promotion or price reduction), customers can send an email to contact customer service, and we will refund the difference in accordance with the original payment method within 3 working days after receiving the application.

  (Note: If the customer used a discount coupon in the initial purchase, unless the new price reduction amount is more than the discount coupon, the additional difference can be refunded. Otherwise, based on the principle that multiple discounts cannot be superimposed, it will not be refunded. For example, the original price of a flower stand $100, the customer used a 10% off coupon when purchasing, the actual payment amount was $90, and then the product price was reduced to $88, then the customer can apply for an additional refund of the difference of $2. Assuming that the product is only reduced to $95, then Because the original discount is larger, the conditions of refund are not met)

• If the price changes after 7 days from the order date, it is not within the scope of the guaranteed benefits and applications are not accepted.


  • The number of days is calculated based on the order date and the application submission date;
  • If the customer received other discounts when purchasing, such as other gifts or discounts such as buy one get one free, they are not covered by the guarantee;
  • Special offers for spike and group purchases are not covered by the guarantee;
  • During major festivals or large-scale promotional activities, products are promoted for a limited time and limited, and do not participate in the scope of benefits. These festivals include: Lunar New Year, National Day, Anniversary, Double Eleven, Black Friday, Boxing Day, limited time and limited purchase of low-priced goods, etc.
  • For situations that are not included in the above explanations, the final right of explanation belongs to the company.