2 Pcs Sets Wall-mounted Cactus Toilet Brush Cleaning Brush Set


2 Pcs Sets Wall-mounted Cactus Toilet Brush Cleaning Brush Set

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Cactus Cleaning Brush Set

Safety material

Minimal Nordic style

Hollow base, ventilated and easy to dry

Built-in balm for long-lasting fragrance

Thick bristles, easy to decontaminate

Square design, no dead ends


Product Name: Cactus cleaning brush

Product material: PP + nylon + magic stickers

Product size: 140*85*375mm

Product packaging: carton pack

Features: minimalist Nordic style, built-in balm

Scope of application: bathroom

Package Included:

1* two toilet brush

1* base


Note: base installation

If there is water, oil and other impurities on the adhesive surface, it is not easy to stick. Please wipe it clean before use.

Please use it within the scope of heavy weight. Do not hang overweight items, fragile items and dangerous goods.

Better hanging after 24 hours of installation

If there is a little water mark on the adhesive surface after disassembly, please wipe it with a cleaning agent.

Instructions for use:

1: Wipe the wall clean

2: hot air blower removes water stains

3: tear off the magic stickers back film

4: The socket is sticking up vertically

5: Put it on the wall and press it to remove the air bubbles to make it fit completely with the wall.

6: Insert the base into the installation. Please use it after 24 hours.


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