50Pcs Plant Climbing Vine Holder Indoor/Outdoor


50Pcs Plant Climbing Vine Holder Indoor/Outdoor

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Curbside pickup eligible

👉Function: fixed plants, wire fixing cable organizer.

👉Suitable for: small-size/ medium-size plants or flowers.

👉.Easy installation: the vine clips is designed to be easy to use, just open the plant clips gently, put the vines of the plant into the clip, buckle it, and stick the vine clips on the wall, does not require any tools.

👉How to use:

  • 1. Glue the adhesive to the plant clips.(If you need to stick to the wall.)
  • 2. Gently open the plant clamp with your fingers.
  • 3. Put the plant stem or vine into the plant holder.
  • 4. Fasten the clip and stick it to the wall.

Note: 1 inch = 2.54 cm, 1 m = 3.28 ft., 1 yard = 0.91 m Please note that there may be color deviation because of color etc., and due to manual measurement, please allow a slight deviation.

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