9cm Small Steam Non-Stick Paper(500 sheets)


9cm Small Steam Non-Stick Paper(500 sheets)

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 Steamer, Microwave, Oven, Baking


  • High temperature resistance 230°, oil-proof, water-proof, anti-sticking .
  • It is made of food-grade silicone oil paper. It does not stick to food and can be used with ease.
  • It is convenient to throw away after use. Disposable steamer paper, hygienic and healthy

❶ Uniform hole position, increase ventilation, double-sided usable, dense perforation, cooking more penetrating

❷The steamer mat, high temperature resistant and easy to clean, waterproof and non-sticky, more convenient to use

❸Safe and hygienic material, healthy and environmentally friendly silicone oil paper, made of raw wood pulp, safe to use, healthy and environmentally friendly, safe and hygienic

❹The cutting is more neat, the machine is cold-pressed and cuts, no silk, no edge damage

Size:  9 CM diameter
Packing: 500 sheets/pack
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