2pcs/ set Bathroom Fragrance Air Fresher


2pcs/ set Bathroom Fragrance Air Fresher

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🌟Bathroom Fragrance🌟2 bottle

💕Bathroom air fresh fragrance, purify the air to bring a good mood, escort for healthy breathing

👉Sunshine forest, fresh and warm wood tone, virgin forest breath bathing in the morning light❗️

👉 Salt and salt cold cotton, like a boyfriend's white lining, light and clean soap fragrance

👉Succulent grapes, sweet and refreshing grape juice, a little bit of berries

👉Juicy white peach, the smell is like freshly picked peach, people can't help but want to take a bite

Capacity: 400ml/bottle

Flavor: Salt, Salt, Cold Cotton, Succulent Grapes, Rizhao Forest, Juicy White Peach, Gardenia

Package Include: 2 bottles 

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