Cartoon Backpack Water Gun


Cartoon Backpack Water Gun

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🌟Cartoon Backpack Water Gun🌟Summer🌞 The fun is to play with water

       This backpack 🎒 water gun features:

       Double-shoulder strap design, liberates the child's hands, so that the child can better experience the fun of playing in the water

       A variety of cartoon cute shapes🉑 for children to choose, exercise children's autonomy and selectivity, fully respect children's personal wishes, buy what they like

      1300ml large capacity, avoid the need to re-fill the child just after playing a few times, which is extremely disappointing

      Longer range, can reach 6~8 meters

      Double leak-proof, don't worry that the child will get soaked after playing for a while

Style: Panda, Dinosaur, Calf, Pig, Brown Bear

Capacity: 1300ml

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