Non-stick Deep Frying Pan With Oil Lid Temperature Control-24CM


Non-stick Deep Frying Pan With Oil Lid Temperature Control-24CM

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Non-stick Deep Frying Pan With Oil Lid 304 Stainless Steel Japanese Tempura Fryer Pan Oil Temperature Control Kitchen Cook Tools


Non-stick pan material ,Surface light treatment

Frying temperature control ,Not afraid of scorching

Filter while frying to reduce oil intake


Net weight:1190g
Material: Stainless steel
Capacity: 3.2 litters
Diameter:(9.5 inch/24 cm)
Application: induction cooker and gas stove
Features: it has practicality such as fuel saving, splash proof, convenient oil filtering and easy cleaning.

Accurate oil temperature control can make food more delicious!
150°C-160°C French fries, fried potatoes, fried eggplant
160°C-170°C Fried sweet potato, fried lotus root, croquette, tonkatsu
170°C-180°C Fried squid, fish and shrimp, chicken nuggets, crackers

Package Included:

1*Fryer pot

Use and notes:
1. The new pot can be used without any special method of opening the pot. And it can be used after cleaning. When cleaning the pot, please note that this thermometer is forbidden to be washed. Just wipe it with a cleaning cloth every day.
2. This pot is designed for saving oil. When using it, according to the amount of food ingredients, just put an appropriate amount of edible oil in it.
3. This pot is a special pot for home frying. And it is suitable for frying various food ingredients. The oil temperature required for different food ingredients can be controlled independently by its thermometer.
4. When cleaning the pot, the cover and filter can be removed and cleaned. The objects such as steel balls are not allowed to wipe the body of the pot. And please note that the thermometer cannot be washed.

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