Pure cotton diaper pad


Pure cotton diaper pad

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🌟Pure cotton diaper pad🌟

Baby underwear fabric, soft and breathable, comfortable, skin-friendly and refreshing to absorb urine Soft and moderate, soothing to sleep 👍

Tens of thousands of water-absorbing particles form a three-dimensional circle texture to keep the baby dry and small PP‼ ️

🚼Strength urine barrier, soft on the outside and dry on the inside, the diaper pad is easy to wash, easy to dry and machine washable, flexible and machine washable, the more you wash, the softer it will be, no curling and no shrinking💧

🔅You can also make a physiological pad to save "a lot of" embarrassment😅

Easily cope with the menstrual period, no need to worry about side leakage, sleep comfortably all night, a multi-purpose pad 💕

It is recommended that mothers prepare a few more 💓

Size: 50*70CM

Style: Desert Dinosaur, Painter Elephant, Happy Goldfish, Star Pink Pig, 

Roaming Space, Best Baby

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