Seven beads massager


Seven beads massager

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Name: Seven beads massager

color: pink

Specification: 16cm*8.2cm

Applicable parts: the whole body can be used

Use time: about 5-10 minutes each time product details display

Convenience to meet your more needs

Anti-trip belt design

Adjustable buckle design fastens the back of the hand for easy use and control of strength and direction

360° smooth magnetic beads, easy to slide without effort

3D massage teeth, massage and stimulate palm occupants at the same time

Choose 7 massage beads, the round magnetic beads that are carefully selected and designed will not scratch the skin

The black ball is a magnetic stone with a magnetic force to relieve fatigue, love health and beauty

The beads can move freely and help lymphatic drainage. Massage during the drama, and the lymph is smooth and the edema has disappeared.

Firm arms, firm calves, flatten abdomen, soothe back, lift buttocks

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