Three-Grid Self-Rotating Ice Kettle


Three-Grid Self-Rotating Ice Kettle

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🌟Three-Grid Self-Rotating Ice Kettle🌟

Oh, this is so good! As soon as you get home and open the box, you can drink a cool and refreshing cold drink🍹.

It comes with a faucet, which is very convenient to use. It is made of food-grade high-temperature resistant material, and there is no problem with boiling water.

This capacity is equivalent to seven bottles of mineral water.

The amount 👍 makes some scented tea and fruit tea, enough for the whole family to drink, stop the hand, the water stops, the faucet does not leak at all

The high temperature is 120 °, the low temperature is +20 °, drink a cold drink in summer, when it is cold, soak it A hot tea that can be used all year round 💓Party essential artifact 🥰🥰

Material: PP

Capacity: 5.2L

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