4pcs Makeup Brush with bag


4pcs Makeup Brush with bag

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🌟 Banana 🍌 bag convenient makeup brush 🌟

Sharing a set of mini makeup brushes, it is really light and does not take up space, a mini makeup brush that can realize the freedom of makeup, as long as you have a mobile phone πŸ“± Makeup can be done anywhere, this is a normal size makeup brush bag, really soft and soft brushes, I think, when you find out that you can take a set of this brush, take it anywhere, no gap size, and then anytime You can have a full makeup anytime anywhere πŸ’• This kind of happiness is really something you deserve πŸ‘  Create a sweet makeup with zero foundation πŸ‘Έ

This product includes: blush brush, angled eyebrow brush, double-ended eye shadow brush, eyebrow comb

Color: yellow, pink, blue

Package Include: 4pcs brushes + 1 bag

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