Colorful handle cup 3 pcs


Colorful handle cup 3 pcs

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Name: Colorful handle cup

Material: high borosilicate glass

Process: pure hand blowing

Specifications: six colors optional

colorful handle cup

High borosilicate glass, healthy material, lead-free and environmentally friendly

One person of one color does not mix cups, and many people drink water, which is convenient to distinguish and refuse to mix cups, clean and hygienic

High permeability, high permeability, can directly see the drink in the cup, pleasing to the eye

Boiled water directly without bursting After high temperature firing, it can be heat resistant to a temperature difference of 180 °C in an instant

Large caliber is easy to clean, widened caliber, easy to clean, rounded cup mouth, large caliber easy to clean

Anti-scalding handle, the handle is comfortable and ergonomic

The bottom of the cup is flat and heat-resistant, and the bottom of the cup and the cup body are integrally formed, which can withstand the instantaneous temperature difference

Good material for peace of mind

Excellent quality comes from craftsmanship

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