LCD light-energy tablet


LCD light-energy tablet

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🌟LCD light-energy tablet 🌟

 LCD tablet, educational education, eye protection and environmental protection, say goodbye to traditional graffiti, recycling ♻️ use, environmentally friendly painting 🎨

⚠️ Avoid blackboard dust damage Avoid chemical pigment damage to the skin

⚠️ Avoid graffiti on new homes, save paper and refuse to cut down

💕The right brain is also known as the artistic brain and the creative brain. Graffiti is the first element for children to develop the right brain. Start from childhood

✒️Puzzle early education, work and study, the matte screen does not emit blue light and does not hurt the eyes 👁️Restore the real touch like paper, and draw lines of different thicknesses according to the pressure of the pen tip

Stimulate learning interest: easy arithmetic, drafting and drawing, memorizing words, etc.✌️

Size: 14cm*23cm(8.5//)

Product color: green/blue/pink

Battery: button battery

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