Solar Led Crystal Lights For Garden


Solar Led Crystal Lights For Garden

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Suitable For: home villas, courtyard gardens, lawns, balconies and other places with direct sunlight

Solar Lamp Knowledge:

(1) Charging: it is recommended to accept direct sunlight for more than 6 hours per day (switch on before charging)

(2) Position: Solar lamps please choose sufficient sunlight, the top must not have eaves, trees, glass lamps, in order to better absorb the sun to store electricity.

(3) Cloudy: Rainy day lamps not enough sunlight will directly affect the lamp work brightness at night timely long

(4) Waterproof: solar lamp waterproof design, as long as not soaked by water can work properly

(5) Brightness: Solar lamps as landscape lighting Auxiliary lighting, the need for high brightness, optional solar energy and AC dual-use

(6) Maintenance skills: such as continuous rainy days, found that the light is dim, you can temporarily turn off the lamp switch, such as sunny two days to open to continue charging, which can extend battery life.

Style: 🅰️ and 🅱️

Package Include:

Style A:   6pcs        Style B: 10pcs

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