8M*30cm Food Grade Grease Paper Wrappers Cookie Cooking Paper


8M*30cm Food Grade Grease Paper Wrappers Cookie Cooking Paper

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Bullet Points:
1、Raw Wood Pulp Material: After multiple standard processes for food contact paper, pulping, beating, and all-round 3D integration of silicone oil are completed, eco-friendly and sanitary, and the paper can be used with confidence.
2、No Need Oil: The paper is a kind of baking paper that has undergone siliconization treatment. The paper and silicone oil are omni-directional 3D fusion, non-surface silicone oil is applied, and baking food does not need to be oiled.
3、Fashionable and Beautiful: The paper features the English letters, graphic and text typesetting, compared with ordinary silicone oil paper, the paper features an %EF%BC%82intellectual%EF%BC%82 style, which is simple and fashionable, so the paper can be used for baking cakes, biscuits, grilled chicken wings, grilled fish and other fashion Beauty.
4、Cutting Serrations: Make cutting easy, intimate and convenient, one pull and one tear, full use of paper, clean and sanitary, and long-term storage.
5、Multiple Purposes: The paper can be used for food like can bake cakes, breads, barbecues, grilled chicken wings, and it can be served as the gift bag, pad for food, and food-refrigerating.
Name: Baking Paper Roll
Material: raw wood pulp
Standard: English on white, English on brown
Size(about): 30cm wide x 8m long
Uses: baking, packaging, barbecue, refrigeration, etc.
Packing List:
1 Box of Baking Paper
1. Do not directly use the product to touch the open flame or fire source and use it after isolation. It can be directly used for food, which is safe to use.
2. It can be used by ripping it from the side, with built-in steel serrations, please be careful when using it.
3. After use, put the product back into the box and store it in a cool and dry place.

  • Non stick liner
  • Ideal for all food prep/ easy clean up
  • Versatile -oven /microwaves/freezer
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