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Size: 45*30cm

Material: PVC

Material Remarks: 4pcs gift box packaging

Process: Native PVC coloring

Scene: Home, hotel, restaurant, cafe, school, company canteen, etc.

Features: Heat-resistant, oil-proof, anti-fouling, non-fading, non-mold, easy to clean, just soak it in clean water and detergent.

Put cups, tableware, etc. on the table to prevent the table from slipping and scalding the table. At the same time, it is beautiful, simple and elegant, and can also be placed under vases and ashtrays as a foil

Placemats can be cut arbitrarily according to your needs. Simple and convenient to take care of, directly scrub with water, no ironing, no fading, no mildew.

Suitable for various styles of furniture, you can solve the complexity of life and create a relaxed and pleasant dining atmosphere.

The PVC gift box is packaged in a PVC gift box produced in a dust-free workshop, which is both dust-proof and wear-resistant and is practical and high-grade. Good choice as a gift.

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