6PCS Kitchen Anti Scalding Set Heat Resistant Protective Tool Kit


6PCS Kitchen Anti Scalding Set Heat Resistant Protective Tool Kit

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Kitchen Heat Proof Set 6 Pcs Anti-scalding Tray Kit Dish-plate Clip Bowl Clip Home Multi-Function Silicone Glove Kitchen Tools

Bullet Points:

1、6 Anti-scald Kitchen Gadgets: The package includes 1 anti-scald clip, 1 bowl picker, 2 silicone pads, 1 pair of gloves, which can help you remove the container from the plate/bowl from hot pot.

2、Hot Pot Clamps: We have designed a corrugated silicone pad in the jaws, which can hold the tray firmly with horizontal/vertical clamps, convenient for removing dishes from microwave ovens, ovens, air fryers, boiling pans, etc.

3、High Temperature Resistance: The stainless steel hot dish clip is not rusty, not deform, it has high temperature resistance and good cleaning performance. It is very suitable for taking out very hot dishes, plates, pots or bowls from the container.

4、Silicone Pad: The surface of the hand clip has stripes to hold the cooking tool firmly. The material of the hand clip is silicone, which is environmentally friendly and heat resistant, protecting your hands and wrists from scalding.

5、Use Scenario: Used for cooking, barbecue, microwave oven, soup cooking, etc. It brings better protection for you and your family, also a good gift for others.


Anti-scalding clip, bowl picker material: PP+ stainless steel

Silicone pad, gloves material: silicone

Dimensions: as shown

Color: pink

Packing List: 1*Anti-scalding Clip 1*Bowl Picker 2*Silicone Pad 1 Pair of Anti-scalding Gloves

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