stainless steel cleaning paste


stainless steel cleaning paste

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Product name: stainless steel cleaning paste 3 psc

Scope: used for stainless steel kitchen utensils, pot bottom, range hood, stainless steel rust, burn marks, heavy oil stains in kitchen, tile stains, tile toilets, electrical enclosures, etc.

Are you still worried about cleaning heavy stains such as the kitchen at home?

Today I recommend you a stainless steel cleaning paste, which has three advantages: powerful decontamination, natural and harmless, and waterless cleaning

A good formula has a good effect: 1. The active factor promotes the rapid penetration of the water solvent and decomposes the oil stains

2. Natural saponin, natural plant saponin, cleansing and nourishing effect

3. Coconut oil moisturizes the surface, balances moisture on the surface and forms an antioxidant protective film on the surface

4. Fresh orange fragrance Orange oil has a natural decontamination ability and is accompanied by a fragrance

  Using advanced nano-friction factor, powerful decontamination, easy and effortless, powerful decontamination, no damage to the surface

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